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10 Top Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

1. Most brides will begin their wedding dress shopping at least 9-12 months before their wedding day. This will give you ample time to explore different styles, and visit various boutiques.

It is important to allow time for alterations too.

But because our dresses are ‘off the rack’, there is no wait time for the dress to be ordered. So we also have brides getting married in the next week/month etc

2. Set a budget: Decide on a realistic budget for your wedding dress before you start shopping. Stick to it and be mindful of additional costs such as alterations, and accessories.

Do not think that if you go over budget, you will recoup this extra when you sell the dress after the wedding. It is difficult to sell a second hand wedding dress!

3. Do some research: browse bridal magazines, websites, and social media platforms like Pinterest to get an idea of the styles you like. But keep an open mind. It is not until you start trying dresses on that you really will know what you want.

4. Limit your entourage: while it's tempting to bring a large group of family and friends with you, too many opinions can be overwhelming. Choose a select few whose taste and judgment you trust the most. Too often we see domineering mothers, bridesmaids and friends; who somehow forget who is wearing the dress!

5. Choose the right boutique: Look for bridal boutiques that offer a wide variety of dresses in different styles and sizes. Read reviews and make appointments in advance to ensure a personalized shopping experience. Remember to factor your budget into this search; there is no point going to a high end store if their dresses are out of your budget – this just leads to disappointment.

6. Be open to different styles: While you may have a specific vision in mind, don't be afraid to try on dresses that your consultant suggests. You might be surprised by what looks best on you. So many wedding dresses can look similar to other dresses, but the differences can be noticeable when you try them on; different laces, fabrics, and fit can make all the difference between dresses of a similar silhouette.

7. Comfort is crucial on your wedding day. Remember you'll be wearing the dress for hours, so it's essential to feel comfortable and confident. Fit is not so crucial at the appointment stage, as hopefully your consultant will explain the alterations needed to achieve a perfect fit for your big day.

8. Keep the venue in mind: consider your wedding venue and theme when choosing a dress. However, you should also choose a dress that makes you feel happy; if you want to be a princess at the beach – then go for it! Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t wear.

9. Sleep on it if you need to. It is important after finding "the one," to be sure - take some time to think it over before making the final purchase. If you're certain, go ahead and celebrate your choice. If you have any doubts, revisit the boutique or consult with the store about any queries you may have, to put your mind at ease.

10. And the best tip of all? Once you have chosen your dress - stop looking!! If you take the advice in step 9, then don't second guess yourself. Be happy with your choice and move onto other wedding decisions to be made.

Remember, your wedding dress is a reflection of your style and personality. Trust your instincts and enjoy the process of finding the perfect dress for your special day. Happy shopping!

Vicky Hughson | Wedding Dresses Wellington

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