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We are appointment only to give you one on one attention. Each appointment is approx 1 hour and during that time there is no limit to the number of gowns you may try on.


We are open:

                     Thursday 11am to 5pm

                     Friday from 11am - 5pm

                     Saturday  9am - 5pm

If you have need of an appointment outside of these days/hours, we will try to accommodate you.

Please  email (use the link below), or message us on Facebook/Instagram to book.

Our low booking fee ($40) means you can relax and enjoy trying on your options, and this fee will be refunded if you find your dream dress.

We sell both new and pre-loved gowns with most ranging from $600-$1700.

Some limited edition dresses may be up to $2200 (still waaay cheaper than their original price tags of up to $4500)

Our gorgeous gowns are 'off the rack', so are ready to go! This means no waiting months for your dress to arrive.

Our range also includes veils, boleros, and bridal belts. We have both short and long veils (up to 3m), for sale between $25-$250. We have plain (single and double layers), pearl, sparkly, lacy, silky and soft - come and find yours!

 Our bridal belts, for that extra sparkle,  come in various styles in both white and ivory.

You might even find a tiara or special hair piece.

Maybe you already have your special dress, but just want a veil... we don't charge for this service (but you will need an appointment).

Private Parties


The Bride and Groom's Shoes

We also offer brides the opportunity for us to sell their gowns on their behalf.


Dresses must be less than four years old and dry-cleaned. When the gown has been sighted, a selling price will be agreed upon. 

Please know that our secondhand gowns range in price from $600 to $1500 and we have chosen not to sell these gowns over and above that range. 

We suggest you send photos to to make an initial inquiry. 

For more information, download a copy of our contract here:

Contract under review
Corporate Events
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