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5 Things To Think About Before Your Dress Shopping Appointment

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

  • Come along with an open mind. You've probably spent hours trawling the internet for inspiration of your perfect dress. But sometimes the reality can be quite different. Try on different styles; dresses can be so individual in the way they fit and no two dresses are the same (may be similar - but not the same). The same dress can look so different on different brides. Often, it is only once you try on a gown, that you realise whether it is truly for you or not!

  • Try to wear nude underwear for the try on experience, but don't go shopping especially. You are much better to wait until you have chosen your gown before buying anything at all. Maybe your dress doesn't need a bra, or maybe you need a particular style of bra. Maybe you can wear some lacey knickers or maybe you decide to wear shapewear to help smooth some lines. Decide on these things after you've decided on the gown!

  • Who's coming with you? There is no right or wrong answer here. Some brides want to come on their own and others bring a bride tribe. Any which way, try to have friends/family that are supportive and will listen to what YOU want. It is not helpful to have too many opinions and you want people there that will remember whose big day it will be!

  • If you are visiting more than one store, leave yourself plenty of time between visits. Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming, and tiring. It can be like a gym work out trying on gowns, as well as mentally draining as you try to remember how you felt in each dress. Hopefully you will be allowed to take photos to help you remember the dresses. Give yourself time!

  • Wedding dress shopping should be fun! Try not to stress; turn up with a smile on your face and relax. No one should be judging you; brides comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages. The best way to find your dream dress is to try them on - so don't worry about it - just go for it!

Vicky Hughson | Wedding Dresses Wellington

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